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Cripy Supremely Chicken
Cripy Supremely Chicken

Available Friday and Saturday only
(can't guarantee if it will be ready for lunch but can always ask)

*Chicken Special *  Guernsey Beef Special * Vegan Special * Sticky Porky Ribs * Sticky Wings (or crispy supremely chicken)* Thai Style Spicy Salad *

Fish Amok Curry may be available on the last weekend of the month.
(Please check ahead, just in case)

Regular portion of Special Curry/Stir served with rice or noodles.
Large portion of Special Curry/Stir served on its own.

Please speak to Paul
99% of our cooking is Gluten & MSG Free but certain ingredients do still contained due to manufactured. We are happy to cater for you with 100% free of MSG or/and Gluten. Please speak to Paul when ordering.

We do not use dairy products in our cooking apart from free range eggs as optional.
Thank you & we look forward to cooking for you. 
KorbKune Kah!


Made to Order,  please check ahead


  • £5.90/£8.90 Vegan or Chicken
  • £6.90/£9.90 King Prawn, Gsy Beef, Duck, Pork fillet / Crispy Belly Pork
  • £10.90 Fish Amok Curry - Large only
  • £1.90 Pot of Rice or Noodles 


Meat & Curry may vary each week. Please check on the day. As there are limited amounts available and dishes do sell out, please order early to avoid disappointment.



Authentic ingredients
Authentic ingredients
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Atanahan Sauces
Atanahan Sauces
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