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Khmer Style Gsy Beef Lok Lak
Khmer Style Gsy Beef Lok Lak

Enjoy it while you can. ATAN will be off again in January for a Big Holiday!

Tue 10th Not available

Wed 11th Not available

Thu 12th Chicken Panang Curry & Gsy Beef Mussaman

Fri 13th Vegan Nutty Panang Curry, Khmer Style Gsy Beef Lok Lak & Khmer Style Fish Amok Curry

Delivery available, Tue - Fri between 10am - 2pm! 
Minimum order £50, free of charge. Please call 242170.

Sat 14th  Chicken Green, Khmer Style Gsy Beef Lok Lak & Khmer Style Fish Amok Curry


* Made to Order * available on request at Shop Only

(Minimum order: 1 x Large or 2 x Regulars)

Stir Fry Apple Cider Vinegar - Vegan, King Prawn, Chicken
Stir Fry Pad GraPow - Vegan, King Prawn, Chicken
Stir Fry Soy Bean & Garlic - Vegan, King Prawn, Chicken

Traditional Vegan Padthai Noodles - option add
King Prawn £2, Chicken £1.50, Crispy belly pork £2 or Free Range Eggs £1.50

Vegan & Chicken £5.90/£8.90
King Prawn, Gsy Beef & Duck £6.90/£9.90

Gsy Beef Lok Lak £9.90 & Fish Amok £10.90 *Large only*

Please check every Monday for a list of the daily special meals. We have a selection of meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes. As there are limited amounts available and dishes do sell out, please order early to avoid disappointment.

Authentic ingredients
Authentic ingredients
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Atanahan Sauces
Atanahan Sauces

Special events catering

Atan can cater for your outside event, corporate hospitality and private functions.

We can deliver!

Did you know that Atan can deliver freshly cooked Thai food to your office?

Free delivery Tue - Fri 10am - 2pm! 
Min order £50

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